Saturday, December 29, 2012

Love, scrunchie hugs, and Happy New Year from Jenna and Bill!

Hi everyone!

Jenna, here! I thought it would be fun for Bill and I to write separate end of the year messages to our friends and then compare our perspectives afterwards.

Well it's been quite a year. Actually it's been quite a half year ( not counting the 18 months of pre-wedding therapy) since Bill and I started our life journey on a beach before friends, loved ones, and many of Bill's relatives.

Of course there are many ups and downs to a long distance relationship, but we're going the distance, whatever that is! : ) I think as long as we're both committed to our careers, things will work out just fine.

Speaking of work, Bill's been burning up the business world in NYC! He was recently promoted from Project Manager to Intermittent Temp Head Project Manager in the Ideas Division of Integrated Concepts Limited. As you can imagine it's a lot of responsibility, and late hours. Doesn't leave Bill a lot of time to tidy up around our NYC location.

I've gotten to meet a couple of Bill's friends work friends at some of those dull but necessary work dinners when I've been down in NYC on the weekends, but so far have not met this elusive "Sarah" person I've heard so much about.

I'd love to get in touch with her and get to know her a bit; maybe I can give her some advice about how a single woman should act around married guy pals in the office; after all,  it wasn't that long ago that I was in that spot myself!

Speaking of my achievements, my professional life has been a bit of a whirlwind up here in Boston! As you may know, I work for one of the biggest accessories blogs in the country, Hey Where'd You Get That  So far I've been Associate Head Blogger for handbags, but recently I've also taken up the slack with belts since Cynthia's absence due to to her legal troubles.

Lately there have been murmurs around the office that the boss MAY assign me to hair clips and barrettes in the new year! Of course that would be a dream as I did my under grad work in the History of Hair Ornaments. Fingers crossed.

Anyway I guess I'll wrap up now and give Bill some room to chime in, marriage is a 50/50 deal, right? :)
First though, I just want to share with you some footage of how we spent our first holiday season as a married couple:  

Please watch and tell us your honest opinion which of us you think is right. No pressure, just think of my feelings.

In fact we've been keeping sort of a chronicle of our first year of marriage on video, and I'd love you to watch it, and give us your opinions. You can see that all here:

And please follow us on Twitter at @WeekendMarriage

Happy New Year, Love and scrunchie hugs!
 xo ,  Jenna

Hey there,

Bill here. Well Jenna hasn't left a lot of room on the page to write here, so I'll keep it brief.

Married life is great. Yeah, we've had some ups and downs this year, but I love living in New York, and Jenna's having a great time in Boston doing her fashion thing. Not totally sure what it is, but I know she's good at it, because she's mentioned it a lot. 

I think Jenna gets a lot out of visiting here in NYC on the weekends. I know she found some exhibition at a Hair Museum or something downtown one time, and she just kept talking about it for ages. Like, constantly. And I really liked that Oyster Bar we went to, and the Sam Adams on tap that one time I went up to Boston for the weekend.

I've tried to get up there more often, but it's been a tough slog at work in the Ideas Division the last few months, getting this Thompson deal nailed down.  Eventually the higher ups in Concept Management approved all our slides, and we can finally relax for a few days before it's back to the trenches. Big shout out to my team at work, Jeff, Isaac, Wilson, Tim, and of course Sarah. I couldn't have become Intermittent Temp Mgr. without all of you.   

Anyway, yeah, everything is great with me and Jenna, and Happy New Year to all our friends out there!